Many of today’s founders want to build ethics and social responsibility into their companies from the get-go, but don’t know where to begin.

We’ve been using the 11 blocks of questions below as prompts for our interviews with founders and operators to surface stories and examples of how they are going the extra mile to build more ethical, socially responsible, and world positive companies. We’re sharing them here for other founders to use as a tool for considering some of the different areas that they can — or may already be — building their companies’ responsibility.

In our first set of interviews, we’ve heard about purpose-driven founders using project-based hiring to build diverse talent pipelines, setting social impact expectations when building their captables, creating pricing structures that consider accessibility, developing philanthropy strategies even in early stages, and using REDI (Race Equity Diversity Inclusion) Decision Framework, among many others. …


Startups & Society Initiative

Accelerating the adoption of responsible company-building practices in tech

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