How a Climate Tech Company Embedded its Mission into its Legal Form

1. Embed values into the product and the company from the beginning

“If you’re Black in the US you are 3 times more likely to die from exposure to air pollution.” — Davida Herzl

2. Prove the technology works before raising funds

3. Raise from aligned investors who value the mission (Series A)

4. Re-incorporate as a Public Benefit Corporation (Series B)

PBC now core to Aclima’s GTM strategy

“It gives us a competitive advantage in the sales process. Our clients know we’re in it to help government agencies solve profound societal problems.”

Stay tuned for more micro case studies of founders who choose to put values, ethics, and social responsibility first while building their technology companies.

If you have a story to share yourself, drop us a note at or follow the project on twitter: @startupsandsoc. If you work in tech and want to self-evaluate your own ethical practices, take our brief survey here.




Accelerating the adoption of responsible company-building practices in tech

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Startups & Society Initiative

Startups & Society Initiative

Accelerating the adoption of responsible company-building practices in tech

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